Tokoloshe Safaris is actively involved in various community engagement projects. Lon and Liezl work closely with the council to provide strategic funding for necessary projects within the Mucheni community.

Such projects have included installing a stand and water tank for the local school, and repairs and maintenance for water piping from the spring to the community clinic. A weather station and sporting equipment have also been gifted to the school.

After each successful elephant hunt, all meat is donated by Tokoloshe safaris to the community.

Tokoloshe Safaris has encouraged the local community to establish veggie gardens to be able to supply the lodge with fresh vegetables as part of a sustainability project. Mucheni Tented Camp supports the local community shops.

Local ladies in the village gather and supply fire wood for the Mucheni Tented Camp and this supplements income for many families.


Communal Area Management of Indigenous Resources.

Tokoloshe Safaris lease the land from Campfire, (through the local council) an organisation that teaches communities about wildlife and its importance to the community, protecting the habitat and wildlife.